Thank for SPRUCEPETS Recommendation

Thank for SPRUCEPETS Recommendation

What We Like

  • Tester did not experience any leaks

  • No "wings" covering adhesive which tester found cumbersome on other disposable dog diapers

  • Comfortable and easy to put on dog

  • Breathable outer layer

  • Hook and loop closures

What We Don't Like
  • Only available in white with light blue print

If you prefer a disposable dog belly band, the hook and loop closures of the Honey Care All-Absorb Disposable Male Dog Wraps make these eminently adjustable, instead of the sticky adhesive "wings"—which can stick to fur—typical of many disposable belly bands.

Our tester found it significantly easier to get these diapers onto their dog. "The better adhesive mechanism meant we didn't have to cinch this diaper down as much which seemed to be more comfortable than other disposable diapers we tried."

Each diaper is white with a light blue print. The outer layer is breathable and the internal pad is moisture wicking to keep your dog cool, dry, and as comfortable as possible. The absorbent pad is also quite large, ensuring wraparound coverage in case the belly band shifts during wear.

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