How to Keep Diapers on a Dog

How to Keep Diapers on a Dog

Use a belly band for male dogs. A belly band is a thick fabric strap that wraps around your dog’s waist and is secured with Velcro at the ends. A sanitary pad is held onto your dog by the strap. These are most frequently used for male dogs to catch any sprayed urine. They will usually hold fast onto your dog unless they are very active.
  • The downside of belly bands is that they can easily shift around and leak urine, especially if the pad isn’t changed out regularly.
  • The belly band must be placed high enough on a male dog’s waist, so that it effectively secures his penis and contains the urine stream.
Attach canine suspenders to the diaper or band. Canine suspenders fit similar to a harness and attach around your dog’s torso with a combination of Velcro and buckles. Some suspenders slip directly onto the diaper and pull it tight, preventing it from slipping off. Other styles create a series of criss-cross straps with a spot to insert a sanitary pad.
  • You can also match the suspenders to your dog’s collar or other accessories. Most suspender sets cost between $15 to $30.
  • Suspenders are usually a good choice for active dogs, as they will stay on despite jumping or playing.

Put a onesie over the diaper. If your dog is small enough, get a short-sleeved or no-sleeve baby onesie and put it on your dog. Then, place the diaper on your dog. Snap the onesie together at the back of your dog and this will hold your diaper against you.

  • To make this work you’ll need to cut a hole in the onesie for your dog’s tail.

Secure a diaper or pad with modified underwear. You can also purchase a pair of small boy’s underwear in a size slightly smaller than your dog’s waist measurement. Cut out a spot for your dog’s tail and then use the underwear to hold a diaper or pad securely against your dog’s skin.

Make your own attachment devices. It’s possible to make a homemade belly band or diaper belt by using an ace bandage with Velcro attached at the ends. You can either sew or glue Velcro onto the bandage. Another option is to buy elastic straps from a sewing store and use these on top of a diaper to hold it close to your dog.
  • If you decide to create a homemade strap, make sure that it is not too tight on your dog. Put it on your dog with a diaper and then see if you can comfortably fit one finger between the diaper and your dog’s skin.
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